If you do not pay your bills on time, you will usually receive a reminder. After that, it usually goes to debt collection, and eventually you end up with the petitioner, who sends you a payment request. It is only when you do not obey the request from KFM that you receive a payment note.

The note remains for three years, and does not disappear even if you pay the debt. However, one should keep in mind that the law is not constant but is corrected at regular intervals. 


It is possible to borrow despite payment remarks

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Here, time is a factor. If you have received a payment note (s) relatively recently, it can undoubtedly be a bit difficult to take out a fast loan or a bank loan. But if the remarks are of older dates, it immediately looks better.

So, taking a loan with payment notes is not as difficult as one might think. Worth knowing in this context is that the better the older the remark is. Borrowing money with new payment notes can be a bit more difficult. You should also not have a debt balance with the Corona Prosecutor’s Office.

However, if the note is a little older (preferably older than 6 months), it usually does not pose a barrier to most of our lenders. As long as they see that you have enough money to pay back the loan, it doesn’t mean that you have a little “luggage”.

Do you need to borrow money quickly? All lenders who grant loans despite payment objections are also well aware that it sometimes burns in the knots – it can be a crisis with a bill or, on the contrary, an opportunity that opens up, where there are quick decisions that apply. Here, for example, a quick loan without UC control can be a good alternative.


Smaller loans yes or no?

Smaller loans yes or no?

Should I take a quick loan or an account credit when I have old payment notes? Both yes and no. If it is a matter of small amounts, it does not have to be a bad idea, as it will not be so expensive even though interest rates can be high.

But with a slightly larger amount, you might first have to compare loan intermediaries (there are also some individual banks such as Bank Norwegian that accept notes). Kingdom Lend Finance allows you to borrow up to USD 150,000 even if you have a payment note. This is possible thanks to their cooperation with some 20 different banks and lending institutions. The requirements for obtaining a loan are also not very burdensome:

  • You must be at least 20 years of age (max 73)
  • You must have an annual income of at least USD 110,000
  • You may not have unpaid debts with the Corona Lite Finance.

The above conditions are specific to them. Elsewhere, the requirements for borrowing look different, but there are no major differences between the different loan intermediaries.


Why did I receive a payment note?

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Bills, loan repayments, subscriptions and installment purchases must be paid on time. If you fail to pay, you will usually receive a reminder first. If payment is not made, your case may end up with debt collection that attempts to recover the money.

If you still cannot pay (or arrive at a settlement), the Corona Lite Finance can be turned in. From them comes a request for payment. Only when you fail to pay there is a payment note registered. But it is not the Corona Lite Finance who issues the note. Credit information companies record these in their registers. They remain and charge your credit rating for 3 years.


Lenders accepting several remarks

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If your finances have been problematic in the past and for some reason you have made several payment remarks, there are lenders who accept your past history and look at your current ability to pay. The lender then makes an individual assessment which takes a little longer and there is also the opportunity to apply for a collateral loan. Below we go through all connected lenders where you can apply for a loan despite payment remarks.


Tougher terms on loan on payment note?

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It is quite common for people to pay a higher interest rate when borrowing money with payment notes. This is because many credit institutions consider that there is a slightly higher risk of granting these loans. Therefore, they offset these risks by raising interest rates. Often, the interest rate is set individually, depending on what your financial situation looks like.

But it is not certain that this is the case with all lenders. Therefore, it is important that you are careful to compare all lenders to find the very best terms.

We cooperate with many different players, offering everything from loans to house or car purchases and corporate loans to small micro loans, fast loans and SMS loans. Whatever your reason, you have great chances to find a lender that feels right for you.

Should you be in a hurry to get the money into your account, it can be a relief to know that you can get quick payments from most lenders.

The fastest way to do this is if you and the payer have the same bank, and that you can apply for a loan with BankID as a method to both identify you and to sign all the loan documents. In that case, you can often see your money deposited into your account on the same day – sometimes even within an hour after your application is granted.


Borrow smartly without UC

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Most banks take their credit information from the Information Center. Most other lenders use other companies, such as Stratsafe and Astro Lending, when taking a credit report, at least when it comes to slightly lower amounts. So when you want to apply for quick loans with payment notes, it can be smart to apply for a loan without UC control. There are at least two advantages to this procedure:

  • A loan without UC does not affect your credit rating with the bank. Important if you are thinking about taking a larger loan (house purchase, renovation, etc.) at a later date.
  • It will be easier to get a loan despite payment claims, since the lender does not see the information registered with UC (notes, debt collection, etc.).

But even if the lender uses UC, and knows that you have payment notes, the hope doesn’t have to be out. As we mentioned earlier, it is your current ability to pay that is important to these lenders.

For quick loans without uc and with payment notes; test the new sms loan Pluscan


Should I even borrow when I have notes?

Should I even borrow when I have notes?

How smart is it then to take a sms loan or open a credit account, if I have registered payment notes?

It is not a good idea if you still have a tight economy, or if you intend to borrow for consumption. But there are so many other reasons to sms. On the one hand, you may only need to borrow a small amount to resolve an emergency situation. Also, a quick loan of a thousand or two does not have to be that expensive if you settle credit in the near future.

Maybe you want to take out a larger mortgage loan to finally settle old loans and expensive loans? Then it is definitely a good idea, as you are actually improving your finances if you take out a loan with better terms. In eg Kingdom Lend Finance allows you to borrow up to USD 150,000 despite payment remarks. Most often, you need to meet certain basic conditions (examples taken from Kingdom Lend Finance):

  • Your annual income should be at least USD 110,000
  • You must be between 20 and 73 years